Rice Culture: Discover how Thailand helps to fuel the world

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Here’s how Thailand was able to feed the world, a very large world producer of rice, has surpassed over their agricultural skills for centuries.

A trip to Thailand, the emerald of Southeast Asia, offers a rare opportunity to discover another side of yourself.. It is tough to mark on a single trait which makes Thailand so charming. Its pure beauty and richness in history have attracted as many visitors as we can remember. In the heart of Thailand, there are people who offer a warm welcome, wisdom, hospitality, age-old art and tradition.

Rice Culture

Diversified Landscape of Thailand offers a collection of learning activities for visitors with local experts eager to share their knowledge. Through the travel experience, visitors to Thailand can expect life-changing lessons that reveal hidden abilities in themselves.

If you read the label on a bag of rice, you will be lucky to find yourself on a label that will register Thailand as the country of origin. Rice is an importantThailand’s resource and the country’s staple food. Life in Thailand always revolves around rice seasons with planting from May to July when the rains begin, signaling the end of the dry season and many villages celebrate by lighting craft rockets in the skies to ask for rain. Several ceremonies will then be held in October or November, when the rice will be harvested.

Thai farmers have experience of growing rice and taking care of the land that supports them. Students have learnt to live in a symbiotic way with their environment, to discover that the essence of life. In reality, with the least bit of it there is a sense of great abundance.The Land of Smiles offers many places to learn more about rice cultivation and even to work with the farmers.

The Tigerland rice farm in Chiang Rai has won wide acclaim from visitors and media as a “positive idea to change the world for the better”, reported in the San Francisco-based Ode magazine. Eco-rice planting in June and July for six days of eco-rice harvest tours in October and November introduces students to a new world while offering them a life changing experience.Like the Tigerland Rice Farm, Gecko Villa in UdonThani offers a very rewarding stay in northeast Thailand, known as Isaan. In addition to rice cultivation, Gecko Villa offers a wide range of activities allowing visitors to immerse themselves in culture and scenic environments.


To learn more about rice cultivation, possible in many parts of the country and can be easily added to your wish list during your Thailand vacation.

  1. NakornPathom
  2. Chiang Mai
  3. Chiang Rai
  4. Suphanburi
  5. UdonThani

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Rice Culture Discover how Thailand helps to fuel the world